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Nick McAllister
6 January 1992
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DB_silverdragon was 13 and obsessed with Dragon Booster when he made his account, so call him Nick, m'kay?

Nick would dearly like to tell you that he was born in Scotland and raised amid the skirls of the bagpipes. Alas, that was not to be.

Instead, he was born in Paris to temporary expats who went home to Australia two years after he escaped the confines of the womb.

He spent his childhood years becoming ever more obsessed with dinosaurs and hopping on any bandwagon to gain a smidgeon of popularity in primary school-of these, only Pokemon has held his interest for any great amount of time. His uncle introduced him to Doctor Who, his other major fandom, which did not hold any currency in a primary school obsessed with the newest shows with shiny merchandise.

Escaping his primary school for high school in 2004, he managed to get together a motley crew of friends just as geeky as himself, if not more. Together they failed to conquer the world. Or anything, really.

As of 2009, Nick is in his final year of high school, but still manages to get online and waste his life reading Dr Who macros. He lives in a house with his parents, several fish, birds, and a small dog who will chew anything she can get her jaws on, regardless of whether it will have lethal consequences.

He likes kilts, Celtic culture, science-fiction/fantasy stories, Transformers, dinosaurs, and lots of other things listed under Interests. His aim one day is to become a paleontologist and write a comic about giant monsters invading Sydney on the side. Also, he wants to move to Scotland, since they get Dr Who action figures first.

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